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Welcome!  I hope you know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made! I love to help others learn healthy habits that last a lifetime. Through consistent fitness and eating to fuel your busy body, I can design a plan works for you!

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Greta Quesenberry, Owner

NCI Certified Nutrition Coach

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Management Specialist and Senior Fitness and Nutrition Specialist

OTA Certified Online Trainer

What Clients Say

"Fit6 has helped me physically and mentally! I am starting to see and feel the changes and strength in my body after completing my third round of Fit6. But since day one, I have felt a confidence boost in myself just from getting up and working out with Greta! I love the setup of the program, the coaching along with modifications, and how you can make it fit into your daily routine!
Thank you, Greta!"
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Define139 Training & Fitness

Our products are designed with love for our customers. Like you, they are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Each season we create a new launch special for our customers. See what we have happening for our winter launch!

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